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A Neon Genesis Evangelion Multi-Crossover Story
by Ron R. Kaulfersch

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fan fiction. I do not own the rights to any of the characters. I do not intend to make any money from the use of the characters, etc.

Chapter 1

With a brilliant flash of light it was done…

Makoto walked around his new confines, if one could call a seemingly infinite plane filled with a thick white haze confining. With a truly bewildered look on his face, he spoke softly and said, "What, uh… hello? Hey, is anyone out there? Mr. Fujisawa? Nanami? Jinnai? Anyone?"

An unfamiliar voice floating somewhere in the vast haze replied, "Yeah? Who's there?"

Makoto moved towards the voice and said, "Uh, I'm Makoto Mizuhara. Do you… well, do you know where this is?"

The disembodied voice spoke. As it began, Makoto noticed he was practically right on top of it. He abruptly turned to his right side and noticed a boy about his age wearing Chinese clothing just a few feet in front of him. He had a thick head of black hair tied off in a short pony tail, and looked to be an athlete of one form or another. The boy said, "No."

Makoto's look turned to one of disappointment and he said, "Oh. Uh, by the way, what's your name?"

The boy's attention was turned to Makoto as the question was asked. He replied rather matter-of-factly, "Ranma… Ranma Saotome."

Makoto said, "Oh. Well, I'd say I'm happy to meet you, but… I'm really not. Not under these conditions anyway."

Ranma looked around and said absently, "Uh huh. You know… I wonder what this place is? Have you seen anything else besides, uh, well, this smoke?"

Makoto began looking around as well and said, "No, I can't say that I have. But if I had to take a guess I'd say we're in some kind of alternate dimension."

Ranma glanced at Makoto disbelievingly and said, "And how can you be sure?"

Makoto said reassuringly, "Trust me. Besides, what else could this be?"

A new disembodied voice replied to Makoto's query from beyond the haze. It said, "Maybe a really big hot spring?"

Makoto and Ranma looked at each other and then out to where the voice had come from. They spoke almost in unison, "What the? Who are you?"

In a matter of seconds after asking the question a young woman with a bushy head of blond hair emerged from the abyss and presented herself to the two. She said sweetly, "Hi. I'm Mihoshi. Who are you?"

The two boys told Mihoshi their respective names. Makoto followed up by asking the young woman, "You don't seem all that disturbed about being here, do you?"

Mihoshi responded with a child-like, yet inescapable logic, "Why should I be? Is there something dangerous here?"

Makoto thought about the question for a few moments and said, "I really don't know. I guess not."

Ranma was getting annoyed with the conversation going nowhere. He said, "Well, you two can talk about this all you want. I'm gonna find a way out. See ya."

As Ranma started to walk off, a stunning light began emanating just in front of them. All three froze in place and did their best to shield their eyes from the intense light. The haze slowly lifted and the sphere of light moved closer to them. As it did so it began emitting sounds. After a few short moments the sounds became more and more discernible. Eventually the sphere of light began talking. It said, "Greetings to you. I trust your journey went well?"

Ranma, still shielding his eyes responded to the sphere, "What the…? Mousse, if this is another one of your stupid tricks…" With that he clenched his teeth and lunged at the light. Despite executing a flawless jump kick, Ranma was repelled, and fell to the ground.

The light spoke again, "I am not Mousse. I am the guardian of all existence…I am the Beyonder. I have called you all here because the fabric of existence itself is threatened."

Mihoshi enthusiastically attempted to finish the Beyonder's statement and said, "And you need us three to save the universe?"

The Beyonder remained silent for a few moments and said, "Uh…not exactly. I need you to fill the places of those who are needed to save existence."

Makoto got a look of confusion and said, "So…we're 'temps'?"

The Beyonder emitted what could be considered a laugh and said, "In a manner of speaking, I suppose you could say that. But that does not make your importance any less significant. Existence is a tangled web…If one piece is moved, all the others must follow suit or destruction results. Do you understand?"

Ranma hauled himself off the ground and dusted himself off. He said rather gruffly, "No. But somehow I don't think that matters, does it? So…just tell us what we gotta do, and let's get to it."

The Beyonder responded, "Very well. I shall send you to the dimension that needs you. Your arrival will be…expected."

Makoto said, "But what if we have to…"

The Beyonder cut off Makoto in mid sentence and said, "Your questions will be answered when you arrive." After it finished speaking, the glowing sphere grew brighter and brighter until the three could no longer see anything but the intense white blur.

Makoto slowly regained consciousness. He awoke to find himself in what appeared to be a hospital room. A goodly shaft of summer light was streaming into his room, and the sound of cicadas could be heard coming from the outside. Aside from their distant, never-ending calls, the room was almost totally silent. After looking around for a few moments the door to his room opened and a tall blond-haired woman in a white lab coat walk in. She looked at Makoto briefly and thought to herself, "Amazing. He really bears a striking resemblance to Shinji." The woman walked over to Makoto's bed and presented herself. She said, "Good morning Makoto. Feeling well?" She outstretched her hand and said, "I'm Dr. Ritsuko Akagi. I'll be monitoring your sync tests later today."

Makoto, still a bit confused after what had just transpired looked up at Ritsuko. He shook her hand and said rather groggily, "What?"

Ritsuko grinned slightly and said, "I don't doubt that you're still a bit confused. Well, don't worry. Everything will be explained to you in full during the briefing."

Makoto repeated, "Briefing?"

Makoto finally made it to the briefing room under heavily armed escort. When he entered the room he saw quite a gathering of what he could only assume were very important officials. As he took his seat he spotted Ranma and Mihoshi. He thought to himself, "I suppose it wasn't a dream…I should have known better by now. I wonder how many different dimensions this makes?" Makoto's thought process was interrupted as a man in the front of the room began to speak.

The man cleared his throat and began speaking, "Good day to you all. This meeting is to update our…replacements as to the operational status of Tokyo-3's defensive capabilities. Dr. Akagi, if you will?" He gestured for Ritsuko to take the podium.

Ritsuko walked up to the podium and said, "Thank you Commander Fuyutski." She then changed her demeanor to one of almost deadly seriousness and continued, "Fifteen years ago a scientific research expedition in Antarctica uncovered artifacts which resulted in a catastrophic explosion which has become known as the Second Impact. What we have designated as 'Angels' were directly responsible for the catastrophe." She picked up a small clicker and pushed a button on it. The lights dimmed, and a rather large projection image of the Second Impact explosion appeared next to her. Ritsuko continued, "These images were taken from a satellite in geo-stationary orbit of Antarctica. It's important for you to note that those wing-like structures are not part of the explosion, but part of Adam… the first Angel."

Mihoshi covered her mouth and said with quiet alarm, "Oh my…"

Ritsuko clicked another button. A collage of images appeared next to her, most of Angels which were previously defeated, and the rest of Tokyo-3. She then continued, "Recently the Angels have resurfaced and begun attacking anew. Thus far we've been able to fend off their advances with the aid of this city and the EVAs." With another click another collage of images were brought to the fore and Ritsuko finished, "You are currently in the Geo-Front of Tokyo-3… an underground expanse converted into a fortress for use against the Angels. It's all part of NERV, which is an organization of the UN designed to combat the Angels directly."

Mihoshi watched and listened intently on everything Ritsuko did and said.

Ritsuko turned to look at the replacements and said, "Makoto, Ranma, you two are going to be assigned to operate Units 01 and 02 respectively."

Mihoshi raised her hand and said, "Dr. Akagi? I forgot…what's a Unit 01 again?"

Ritsuko arched a brow and said with a mildly disgusted tone, "I haven't told you yet…"

Mihoshi shrunk back in her seat and said apologetically, "Oh."

Ritsuko went on, "We've developed the only effective defense against Angel attacks…The Evangelion androids, commonly referred to as EVAs. EVA Unit 01 is the test model, and Unit 02 is the first production model. This facility currently supports three EVA units. However, Unit 00 is in cryostasis, undergoing repairs. Rei Ayanami is your fellow pilot, and is assigned to Unit 00."

Makoto raised his hand.

Ritsuko looked at Makoto and said, "I'm sorry Makoto, but time is short. All your questions will be answered as we prep you for use in the EVAs. Okay?"

Makoto nodded.

Mihoshi interrupted and said, "Oh, but Dr. Akagi? What am I going to be doing?"

Ritsuko rolled her eyes and looked over to Commander Fuyutski. He shrugged silently. Ritsuko sighed and fumbled for the right words as she said, "Well…You, uh…You're going to be temporarily commissioned with the rank of Major and will be NERV's Operational Manager for the EVAs."

Mihoshi looked on blankly at Ritsuko and said, "Oh."

Ritsuko said, "Don't worry…everything will be explained to you during your training. Now then, Ranma? We're going to start your sync tests in Unit 02. All right?"

Ranma shrugged and said, "I suppose."

Ritsuko walked into the control booth overlooking Unit 02's cage. She moved to the forward control grid and asked, "Maya, have the Magi bring up Asuka's old sync program. We might be able to cut and paste chunks of code and speed up the sync process for Ranma. And Hyuga? Keep a close watch on his vitals."

Maya nodded and began typing at a frenetic rate. Hyuga followed suit.

Ritsuko moved over to an intercom and began speaking into it, "I have to apologize again. We just don't have any entry plug suits for you, Ranma. Are you comfortable otherwise?"

Ranma's voice came over the intercom and said, "As comfortable as can be expected… although I've never been a big fan of being shoved inside giant robots."

Maya interrupted and said, "Ma'am? I've got Asuka's old file ready."

Ritsuko turned to look at one of the display screens. She glanced at the display for a moment and said, "All right. Insert the entry plug."

One of the technicians reported, "Entry plug inserted. All circuits green."

Ritsuko talked into the intercom again, "Okay Ranma, we're going to be filling the entry plug with LCL. Don't worry, once your lungs fill with LCL your blood will be oxygenated directly."

Ranma looked around himself as he noticed a strange liquid filling his entry plug. As it slowly began creeping above his ankles he shivered and said out of reflex, "Damn, that's cold." He suddenly realized what he just said and began to panic. "Cold?! Oh no…Stop, stop, stop. Shut this thing off right now! I'm not kidding!"

Hyuga tried to get Ritsuko's attention, "Uh, ma'am? Ranma's vital signs are going off the chart. He's really terrified."

Ritsuko spoke into the intercom again and said, "Ranma, just relax. I know it seems unnatural to breath a liquid, but your body will adjust."

A girl's frantic voice could be heard responding over the intercom…"You don't know the half of it!"

Everyone in the control booth did a double take after hearing a girl's voice coming from the entry plug. Ritsuko turned to Maya and said, "Open circuit 108… give me a visual on the entry plug."

The main view screen turned on revealing a girl, approximately the size of Ranma in the entry plug. She had on the same clothes, and even had the same style hair as Ranma, albeit red, yet inexplicably she was there instead of Ranma.

Ritsuko spoke into the com again and said, "Is…. are you Ranma?"

The girl blushed and said, "Yeah… sorry about this."

Maya looked to Ritsuko and said, "I… how could this happen? Is it our fault?"

Ritsuko shook her head in disbelief and turned to the com, "Ranma… is this normal for you?"

Ranma replied a bit ashamed, "Well, yeah."

Ritsuko responded, "Why didn't you tell us about this beforehand?"

Ranma glared into her view screen. She said defensively, "Well why didn't you tell me you'd be putting me in a vat of this cold… this… what is this stuff? It almost smells, uh, tastes like blood."

Ritsuko shook off the ludicrous nature of the whole event. She turned to Maya and said exasperatedly, "Reconfigure the plug for female brain patterns. I guess…I guess we can use more of Asuka's old file than I thought."

Commander Fuyutski was growing impatient. It began to seep through into his demeanor. From his vantage point high atop the command center he yelled down, "No. That's not what you're supposed to do, Mihoshi." He turned to Commander Ikari and said, "Are you absolutely certain these people can fill our requirements?"

Commander Ikari sat motionless with his hands folded in front of his face. He responded quietly, "That is what we have been told. Continue her training."

Fuyutski sighed and yelled out to the command staff, "Reset the simulation to 003 and begin again."

One of the technicians confirmed the order and yelled out loud enough for everyone to hear, "Simulation reset to 003. Beginning now." As soon as the technician finished, warning klaxons began whining.

Another technician began apprising their "leader" of the situation, "Major…The Magi report that an Angel is approaching from the Lake Ashino region. Blood type is confirmed as Blue." The technician waited a few moments for a response and then repeated, "Major?"

Mihoshi stood quite still, not sure if she should move or not. The technician asked again, "Major?". She then turned to the platform where commanders Fuyutski and Ikari were seated and said in a loud whisper, "I think he's talking to you."

Fuyutski facepalmed and shook his head from side to side in utter defeat.

Ritsuko looked out the window at Unit 02's activation cage and issued her command, "Commence activation."

Maya reported, "Connecting main power to all circuits. Activation voltage is approaching critical level."

Ritsuko continued to stare at Unit 02 and said, "Begin the second phase of the activation system."

Hyuga responded a few seconds later, "Ranma has begun linking up. Synapses inserted. Junctions…connecting. Transmitting pulse." He glanced over his console briefly and finally said, "All circuits are operational."

Maya followed up by adding, "No problems with initial contact."

Unit 02's head lifted up, indicating that it was indeed activating.

Hyuga looked at Ritsuko and said, "Power supplied to brachial muscles in both the right and left arms. All nerve links checking out normal."

Maya added, "Checklist satisfactory up to 2550."

Ritsuko said, "Prepare for third stage connection."

Looking at her display screen Maya reported, "Counting down to absolute borderline. 0.9…0.7…0.5…0.3…0.1."

Everyone in the room seemed to be collectively holding their breath in anticipation of what would occur next. It was apparent they attached a great deal of importance to the so-called 'absolute borderline'.

After a few brief moments Maya continued, "We've passed critical. Unit 02 has been activated. Bi-directional circuits are open. Synchronization ratio at 28.4 percent." She poured over her readouts briefly to make absolutely certain she wasn't mistaken. When she was satisfied she finished, "Harmonics seem normal. I see no disturbances."

Ritsuko turned and approached Maya's terminal. She glanced over her readouts as well and said, "Amazing…I guess these people really are good replacements." She then turned to the com again and spoke into it, "Ranma? Can you hear me? How do you feel?"

Ranma's voice came over the intercom, "Fine I guess. It all feels kinda weird, but I suppose that's to be expected. Right?"

Ritsuko responded, "The disorientation should pass in a few moments. Once it does I want to run a few more tests, okay?"

Ranma spoke over the intercom again, "Fine."

Makoto sat in the desolate ready room. He anxiously tugged at his entry plug suit while waiting to undergo the battery of sync tests. As he was fiddling with an odd switch on the suit, a scruffy-looking man walked in with a young blue-haired girl. The girl remained absolutely silent and motionless as the man walked up to Makoto and began speaking to him, "Ah. The newly designated pilot for Unit 01. Makoto Mizuhara, is it?"

Makoto responded with a bit of trepidation, "Uh, yeah. How'd you know?"

The man smiled and said, "Well I should know…you're big news around here Makoto. Well, that and the fact that you're wearing an entry plug suit for Unit 01." The man grinned and outstretched his hand as he introduced himself, "I'm Kaji. I work for NERV's Second Branch, but I'm…Well, let's say I'm down here on loan for the time being."

Makoto shook Kaji's hand and said rather quietly, "And who is that?"

Kaji looked behind him at the blue-haired girl, and said, "Oh yes. Ritsuko wanted me to introduce the two of you. Makoto Mizuhara, meet Rei Ayanami. The designated pilot for EVA Unit 00."

Makoto waved and said in a friendly enough tone, "Hi."

Rei remained motionless.

Kaji interrupted, "Well, she's not the talkative type. Don't take it personally."

As Makoto was about to respond, the door which led to the testing cages opened. Ranma walked out mumbling about her whole situation while toweling off her hair. Kaji noticed and immediately approached Ranma, "My, my… no one told me we had such a fetching young vixen as our new Unit 02 pilot." He grinned and walked closer to Ranma.

Ranma, in no mood for this simply punched Kaji in the face and stood there fuming.

Kaji was stunned for a moment. He held his hand around his now bloody nose, and continued to lay on the charm, despite his reception, "I _am_ very sorry. Where are my manors today? I'm Ryoji Kaji. And you are?"

Ranma's eye twitched for a moment. She yelled out in response to Kaji, "A guy!" With that she stormed out.

Rei continued to stand absolutely still during the incident. She betrayed no emotion whatsoever.

Makoto looked a bit baffled by the exchange. He asked, "Uh, Kaji? Who was that?"

Ritsuko turned to Commander Ikari and said, "Actually, Ranma synched up amazingly well with Unit 02." She peered down to the control floor and noticed Mihoshi frantically running about. She looked at the Commanders and said, "Shall I assume Mihoshi isn't working out quite so well?"

Fuyutski responded for Commander Ikari, "We've…got a few issues to work out with her."

Ritsuko grinned and said as she turned out to leave, "I've got to attend to Makoto's test now. We should have his results within the next two hours." With that she placed her hands in her lab coat and quietly walked back to the testing cages.

Ikari nodded to Ritsuko and then said to his fellow commander, "Fuyutski… prepare for another simulation run."

Warning klaxons went off just before Fuyutski could respond. He looked at Ikari and said, "Well that wasn't me."

From the command floor one of the technicians yelled out, "All personnel go to First Stage battle stations. Prepare for ground to air intercept."

Fuyutski yelled down to the floor, "Target status!?"

The technician responded, "It's broken through our perimeter. The Kamagataki defense line has been shattered!"

Outside, high above the underground headquarters of NERV the freakishly amazing beast known as the 14th Angel hovered over Tokyo 3 amidst a volley of tracer and missile fire. A glint of light began emanating from it's eyes. A fraction of a second latter, a massive blast occurred just in front of it, rending buildings in half and burrowing deep within the earth.

Another technician reported, "The first 18 layers of armor have been breached!"

The first technician commented in utter astonishment, "I don't believe it. 18 layers destroyed in one shot!"

Lost in the midst of her own mind, Mihoshi thought to herself, "Wow. They sure are going through a lot of trouble for this simulation. Well, if they want me to learn this badly, I suppose I better do my best!" With that, she authoritatively barked her commands, "The EVAs can't deploy fast enough to intercept up top. Get Ranma ready and position Unit 02 for combat inside the Geo-Front, directly in front of headquarters."

Everyone, including the Commanders looked at Mihoshi dumbfounded for a good few seconds. After the shock of competence wore off, they proceeded to attend to their tasks without question.

Mihoshi continued, "Ranma will snipe the target as soon as it breaks into the Geo-Front."

Ritsuko ran onto the command floor along with Maya and Hyuga. As soon as they took their positions Mihoshi asked Maya, "00's status?"

Maya responded, "Unit 00 is in the AT Field neutralization zone, Major."

Ritsuko added, "But the left arm still hasn't been regenerated."

Mihoshi said, "Then it's not ready for combat yet?"

Commander Ikari interjected with a soft, calm tone, "Makoto has not yet entered an EVA, correct?"

Ritsuko said, "Yes."

The commander continued, "Send Rei out in Unit 01. Prepare a Dummy plug as the backup system."

Rei's entry plug was inserted into Unit 01. As it secured, she could hear the various radio chatter associated with activating an EVA, "Initiating entry…Filling the plug with LCL…Commence A-10 nerve connection…" As activation completed Rei wrenched in her seat with pain and covered her mouth. She managed to report over the com, "It's… not working."

Maya reported, "The pulse flow is reversing! Unit 01 is refusing the neural connection."

Ritsuko looked at the screen in shock and said softly, "Is that possible?"

Ikari remained motionless with his hands folded in front of him. He thought briefly, "Is it refusing me?" Shortly afterwards he spoke out in a calm, but commanding tone, "Abort the activation. Send Rei out in Unit 00. Reactivate Unit 01 with the Dummy plug."

Mihoshi looked up at Ikari with a puzzled look and said in a meek tone, "Uh, excuse me? Unit 00 isn't ready yet is it?"

Rei interrupted as she spoke over the intercom, "Not a problem. I can go." She then thought to herself, "If I die, I can be replaced."

The Angel blasted another volley into the heart of Tokyo 3.

One of the technicians responded, "It's no use! One more hit and the armor will be completely destroyed!

Ranma waited in Unit 02 just outside of headquarters. As she readied all the weapons that accompanied a fully armed EVA, a large blast thundered overhead. The armor was gone, and the angel slowly descended eventually becoming visible as it streaked out of the cloud of smoke and debris.

With truly cat-like reflexes Ranma opened fire with twin missile launchers. Each projectile hit it's mark, jostling the Angel. She emptied the missile launchers and proceeded to the next batch of weapons, emptying them as well. Slowly, very slowly the Angel began faltering… almost imperceptibly, that is, to everyone but Ranma.

Ritsuko guided Ranma the rest of the way as she spoke into the com, "Ranma, the Angel's AT field still has to be neutralized. Then you have to go in and physically destroy it's S-2 organ."

Ranma questioned, "Its what field? Its S-2 what?"

Ritsuko responded, "That Angel is encased in a massive energy field. You have to eliminate it before you can kill it. And the only way to kill it is to destroy the large reddish sphere located in it's abdomen. You have to take your Progressive knife and puncture it."

As Ranma was sitting, listening to the explanation, the Angel unfolded it's razor sharp ribbon arms. A brief glint of light from the ribbons caught Ranma's attention. As Ritsuko continued her explanation, the Angel thrust it's ribbons out in an attempt to sever Unit 02's arms. Ranma dropped her weapons and leapt out of the way with unbelievable swiftness.

Inside the command center Ritsuko continued her explanation during the whole event… the speed of the incident almost faster than she could change thoughts. She stopped after Ranma leapt to safety.

Staring at the display screen, Mihoshi said out loud, "Uh, excuse me, but isn't Ranma supposed to have a power cord hooked up to her EVA?"

Ritsuko and the others scrutinized the display. Ritsuko growled out loud, "Dammit!" She then spoke into the intercom and apprised Ranma of the situation, "Ranma, listen to me, your power cord has been severed. You've only got 53 seconds of power remaining."


To be continued… maybe.

Editor's note: Ron has no time to continue writing this fic, so he gave me the right to work it if I want to .  We'll see if I can ever get to it…
— Larry F

Chapter 2
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